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The FIOD is imminent, what should I do?

Do not answer questions and say that you first want to speak to your lawyer. Okx Legal & Tax checks the powers of the FIOD and tries first of all to determine the purpose and the scope of the investigation. Does the FIOD want to search your home or office? They cannot do this just like that, permission is needed from the examining magistrate.

As an employer, I want to dismiss one of my employees on the spot. Is that allowed?

If good grounds are available, you must act quickly before it is too late. Okx Legal & Tax is always able to switch quickly, to consult and to take action. Both in terms of immediate dismissal and possible subsidiary measures.

My fellow entrepreneur wants to buy me out and threatens to continue independently if I do not cooperate. Can he just do that?

The content of articles of association, shareholder and management agreements or the partnership contract is of crucial importance. Submit this to Okx Legal & Tax for assessment. We discuss your position with you and help you determine the right strategy.

Did you know that?
Okx Legal & Tax can also be hired as an interim lawyer at reasonable hourly rates? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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