Legal + fiscal = valuable combination in legal practice

Do you have a legal problem? Okx Legal & Tax is one of the few law firms that looks at your issue from both a legal and a tax perspective. A combination that is of great value! Lawyer and tax advisor Mr. Wytze Okx has over twenty years of experience in commercial law practice and always knows how to find a suitable solution for you. Okx Legal & Tax specializes in the fields of tax law, employment law, corporate law and financial law. From our office in Naarden we provide, supported by various freelancers, services to entrepreneurs and individuals from the Netherlands and abroad. We guarantee high quality at a reasonable price.

Avoid surprises
Okx Legal & Tax not only advises you, but also conducts settlement negotiations and consultation on strategy and legal procedures. Often it is about ending disputes and negotiating a solution. Normally, arranging a dispute is of course preferable to litigation. That is why, in the settlement phase, you must also thoroughly investigate a case with a good exchange of arguments with the other party, so that you will not face any surprises during a procedure. Making a proper cost-benefit analysis during settlements and procedures is of great importance. At Okx Legal & Tax you are at the right address for this.